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Expert AI for Financial Guidance.

Empowering customers through smarter financial decisions.

Our Mission.

Our goal is to help bridge the financial guidance gap in the UK, particularly for the lower wealth segments that are underserved by many insurers, banks and pension funds. 

We do this by building technology and AI that financial services companies can deploy to help their customers make better financial decisions. 

We use guidance expertise and tools together with the latest natural language AI technology to build expert AI that can provide accurate financial guidance and support for customers.

Our first expert AI Chatbot is currently in pre-launch testing, focused on UK Pensions.

Our Value Add.

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Closing the financial guidance gap.

The financial advice and guidance gap in the UK is huge with 15m-25m consumers needing guidance but unable to access it or unable to afford it.

Bringing together automated financial guidance tools with AI enables more consumers to have access to intelligent and reliable guidance at a much lower cost.

Meeting the new FCA Consumer Duty.

From July 2023, the FCA Consumer Duty required financial services companies in the UK to do much more to help their customers understand the financial products they have bought and make better informed decisions. 

Expert AI can provide the relevant information and guidance to consumers 24/7 at their moment of need.

Improving engagement.

Most consumers don’t engage with their pensions, insurance and wealth products unless they must.  Many of them experience too much friction dealing with financial services organisations.  It can be slow, frustrating and confusing.

Capable AI chatbots are much more engaging and flexible for customers than static content.  Being available 24/7 and conversational, they can help minimise friction and improve engagement.

Lowering the cost to serve.

The cost of human contact centres or human live chat means that it is uneconomic for many financial institutions to provide a complete service to the mass-market.

Our AI approach drops the cost to serve for each customer very significantly, enabling companies to serve far more customers at a fraction of the cost.  We see huge benefits for financial inclusion.

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Grant Supported.

In 2023, the government Innovate UK agency awarded a grant to Engage Smarter AI to support our development of the guardrails required to deliver safe AI responses for financial guidance. 

Guardrails are a critical safety mechanism that operate in real-time to help moderate the content, context, scope and tone of an AI’s response to the customer. 

The quality assurance methodology and toolset we have developed is core to the platform upon which we are building our expert AI systems.

Our Product.

Expert AI for Financial Guidance.

Organisations such as insurers, banks and pension funds need AI serving their customers to be engaging and competent, but also controlled and compliant.

Our AI systems are built to support specific financial guidance topics.  This focus allows us to deliver AI with high levels of knowledge, safety and reliability.

Launching soon in Q4 2023, our first expert AI focused on UK Pensions is currently in pre-launch testing and performing well.  Expert AIs for other financial guidance topics will follow.

AI platform screenshot
Screenshot of UK Pensions Agent on our AI platform
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Standout features of our AI solution

Benefits of our setup.

Our AI approach is quite different from general AI systems such as ChatGPT. Our setup integrates together our curated content, rules, guidance tools, calculators, guardrails, and data to create an expert AI that is more reliable and less of a black box.

Our setup is designed to be modular, allowing organisations to plug in expert AI easily into their customer journeys.  More ambitious organisations that wish to build their own AI, can use components of our system over API as building blocks to accelerate their development.

Core technologies include:

Interested? Find out more.

If you want to partner with us or explore how our AI could help your organisation better serve your customers, please get in touch.  

We are building a short-list of organisations that want early access to our UK Pensions Expert AI so that they can test and embed it within their organisation. If that is relevant for you, please let us know.

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